Asianux is a new, progressive Distribution of GNU/Linux. We will release a series of patches, drivers and system kernels, to make Asianux running better. All the related resources will be published on TSN website.

Asianux TSN(Technical Support Network) is an Asianux support website. Patches, drivers and system kernels which optimize the performance of Asianux are released on this website. It keeps you well-informed on what is going on about Asianux!

Any Linux developer will be welcomed to join Asianux in development, testing and migration. For any question and suggestion about asianux you have raised, please send the email to,So, Asianux developing team will deal with your questions and share your idea.

We will publish some useful information about system compatibility, performance and security also. Because Asianux itself is not a commercial product, enterprise users should focus on relative products distributed from Red Flag, Miracle or Hancom to fulfill their requirement of software and service.
Red Flag Software, Miracle Linux and Hancom will support their customers accordingly.

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