Asianux’s Midinux 3.0 Alpha 1 Now Available


Product Based on New Version of Moblin? Technology Offers Robust Netbook Experiences

- September 22, 2009 – Today, Asianux demonstrated Midinux 3.0, a consumer Linux product based on Moblin™ technology version 2, an optimized open source Linux operating system project for rich Internet and media experiences on Intel® Atom™ processor based devices.

Asianux has been developing the Moblin-based Midinux Operating System since the inception of the Moblin Project. Now Asianux is developing Midinux 3.0, which is fully compatible and optimized for Moblin v2 technology and features clutter-based 3D UI and applications ready to be customized for any Intel® Atom™ processor-based MID. Asianux announced Midinux 3.0 Early Access Program on August, which gives partners an opportunity to access the Midinux 3.0 OS build, schedule, and features early in the development cycle.

Midinux 3.0, which integrates the latest open source software, supports the latest Intel MID platforms and provides an attractive and optimized UI for MID since it is based on the latest graphics technology such as Clutter, DRI2 and KMS. In addition to the revolutionary UI, Midinux 3.0 supports telephone function including voice call and SMS, bringing users a great up-to-date mobile internet experience. PC Sync Tool is a synchronization suite exclusive to Midinux 3.0. With PC Sync Tool, users can keep their contacts, calendar, tasks, e-mails and bookmarks synchronized between their PC and their MID. It also backs up the user's data on their PC and restores them when needed.

"I’m glad that Asianux has been cooperating closely with the Moblin community,” Yang LiGuang, the President & CEO of Asianux said, “Asianux will continue to contribute to Moblin v2 makes Asianux deliver more easily the best high-performance OS to our clients. I believe Asianux Midinux 3.0 will bring additional brilliant solutions to clients in the coming future.”

Moblin v2 technology, which is currently available for netbooks, is the latest from, an open source community that supports the creation and distribution of Linux-based operating system products for Intel Atom-based platforms, including netbooks, mobile Internet devices (MIDs), nettops, in-vehicle infotainment(IVI) and embedded systems. Intel launched Moblin in June 2007 and incubated the project until April 2009 when the Linux Foundation became the host of the community. Intel continues to contribute key technologies and work with the developer community to advance the effort.

"The alpha of Asianux’s Midinux 3 is a great example of the Moblin open source community driving innovation in the Mobile Internet Devices (MID) space,” said Doug Fisher, vice president of Intel’s Software and Services Group and general manager of the System Software Division. “Asianux’ commitment to the Moblin Project will allow them to fully utilize Moblin’s capabilites to deliver unparalleled user experiences on Intel® Atom™ processor-based MIDs.”

Asianux is working with such system manufacturers as NNN to deliver Midinux to a range of customers in multiple industry segments.

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