Fujitsu and Asianux to Deliver Advanced Linux-based Server Products


PRIMERGY x86 Servers coupled with Asianux Server 3 OS reducing energy costs of customers’ datacenters in Asia

Tokyo and Beijing, August 18, 2009 -- Fujitsu, a leading provider of IT-based business solutions for the global marketplace, and Asianux Corporation Ltd., a leading Linux vendor, announced they will jointly deliver advanced Linux server products.

The collaboration between Fujitsu and Asianux will focus on the following:

1) Fujitsu and Asianux will work together to enable Fujitsu PRIMERGY server models to be certified on the Asianux Server 3 operating system.

Fujitsu will provide Asianux with technical inquiry support and related adaptation information. In turn, Asianux will validate and certify Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY servers on Asianux Server 3.

Fujitsu’s dual-socket PRIMERGY BX920 S1 blade server and dual-socket PRIMERGY RX200 S5 & RX300 S5 rack servers are the first models of PRIMERGY servers certified on Asianux Server 3 under this Fujitsu-Asianux collaboration. These PRIMERGY servers are based on the Intel? Xeon? Processor 5500 series, the foundation for the next decade of innovation. Through these groundbreaking advances in performance, virtualization, and workload management, customers will be able to create their own innovative opportunities to meet business challenges.

2) Fujitsu and Asianux consortium members will pursue joint expansion of business opportunities in China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan.

By leveraging their strong presence in Asia, Fujitsu and Asianux Consortium members aim to offer innovative Asian-focused value around Green IT technologies to customers in Asia. Fujitsu’s unique cooling design concept for PRIMERGY servers coupled with Asianux Server 3 will cater to the demands of those cooling-conscious datacenter customers in Asia and help reduce energy costs.

Akira Kabemoto, President of the IA Server Unit at Fujitsu, said, “We are happy to be working closely with Asianux to allow more PRIMERGY servers to be available on the Asianux Server OS. Asianux has a strong presence not only in the Asian government and Internet sectors, but in corporate sectors as well. It is a great pleasure for us to be cooperating with Asianux to pursue the provision of Asia’s unique value around Green IT technologies specifically for Asian customers.”

Asianux COO Jaykay Kim stated, “We are delighted to cooperate with Fujitsu on their new environmentally friendly servers. Fujitsu is the leading IT vendor worldwide, and has a strong and successful experience on the server market. Through Fujitsu and Asianux’s close cooperation, I believe we will soon deliver affordable green Linux servers to our clients.”

“The Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 series adapts to application behavior by automatically adjusting processing power to deliver maximum performance, scaling energy usage to the workload, and offering the best in class virtualization; all while allowing manual configuration for greater IT control,” said Doug Fisher, Vice President, Intel Software and Services Group, and General Manager of the System Software Division. “As part of our ongoing collaboration, Intel worked with Asianux to unleash the potential of the Intel Xeon processor 5500 series and we are delighted that a strong server vendor like Fujitsu is going to market with Asianux.”

Asianux has been developing operating systems and software products for x86 servers for six years, with Asianux Server 3 being their latest version. Thanks to Asianux Corporation and the increasing number of Consortium members, Asianux has been building a strong network in Asia, which allows Asianux to offer their resources along with excellent product localization and superior technical support to their partners and customers.

By enhancing the Linux server experience, the Fujitsu–Asianux alliance will soon be acclaimed as a big step forward in the server industry.

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