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Asianux Midinux 3.0 Early Access Program announced

July 14, 2009 – Asianux, the leading Linux operating system vendor, announced the Asianux Midinux 3.0 Early Access Program today.

Asianux Midinux 3.0 is a Moblin-compatible, turn-key solution optimized for the Intel® Atom™ processor (and Intel's next generation Moorestown processor).

Asianux successful involvement with both open-source and commercial applications over the recent years has developed into a rich and striving ecosystem for MIDS. This success allows Asianux to offer its customers full commercial support with pre-integrated and pre-validated Moblin-compliant 3rd party applications. Asianux efforts also shine through differentiated and value-added service to its customers.

With Asianux Midinux 3.0 Early Access Program, OEMs, ODMs, IHV and ISV vendors can get the latest Asianux 3.0 beta builds, schedule and supporting documents before the product launch. This program is a great opportunity for Asianux partners to evaluate and develop software solutions for their Moorestown-based MIDs and get some invaluable early feedback from their customers.

Moorestown is Intel's next generation platform, designed for MIDs and fully compatible with Moblin 2.0. Focusing on communication features, it will compete on the smart phone market.

Moblin 2.0 is designed to deliver a great PC-like Internet experience while supporting cell phone voice features. Asianux Midinux 3.0 is fully compatible and optimized for Moblin 2.0 and features clutter-based 3D UI and applications ready to be customized for any Morrestown-based MIDs, as demonstrated this year at Barcelona's MWC in February, Beijing's IDF in April, or Taiwan's Computex in June. It is a one-stop software solution for any Mobile Internet Device.

In addition to the voice and messaging functions, Midinux 3.0 provides a set of revolutionary UI and more key applications.

The Home Screen of Midinux 3.0 leverages 3D graphics throughout and is more than the traditional application launcher. The main UI adds two more modes: the Media Center to browse pictures, listen to music or watch films and video clips and the Communication Center to make phone calls, manage e-mails and contacts lists, and chat with IM software.

Midinux 3.0 essential applications are all fully optimized for MIDs and users can quickly start applications and easily customize the widgets to meet their needs.

PC Sync Tool is Midinux 3.0 (exclusive) synchronization suite. With PC sync Tool, users can keep their contacts, calendar, tasks, e-mails and bookmarks synchronized between their PC and their MID. It also backups the user's data on their PC and restores them when needed.

Asianux has established itself as the OS of choice for the Mobile Internet Device category since 2006 serving Asia, Europe and America. As one of the leading members of Asianux, Red Flag has successfully shipped MID products from Lenovo, BenQ, Clarion, Gigabyte and SFR. These shipping MID devices range from information location-based, entertainment MIDs to communication MIDs.

To enroll in Asianux Midinux 3.0 Early Access Program, please contact midinux@asianux.com

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