Asianux is Leading the Netbook OS Market with Moblin-based Mobile Netbook Edition


Taipei IDF (October 20, 2008) - Asianux, the leading Linux operating system vendor in Asia, pre-releases their Moblin-platform based Linux OS for netbooks: Asianux Mobile Netbook Edition, which takes advantage of Moblin technologies to deliver a 25% longer battery life, a 17% faster boot performance, and an interactive Internet and media experience on netbook devices. This is a meaningful progression following Asianux' success on the market of the Mobile Internet Devices.

Moblin is an open source project hosted at It implements a Linux software stack optimized for devices based on the Intel® Atom™ processor. It also provides a common Linux code-base that lowers risks and reduces the time-to-market for OSVs and ISVs who want to create software products optimized for the Intel Atom based platforms.

Integrating Hancom’s Thinkfree and based on Asianux Mobile Midinux Edition, Asianux Mobile Netbook Edition is ready to provide a fully optimized Linux OS with interactive product experience on netbooks in terms of easy-to-use User Interface, rich Internet and media applications, complete basic applications, great power management, affordable price and good customization. Meanwhile, Asianux consortium “4-Co” model (Co-Development, Co-Marketing, Co-Brand, Co-Support), with its increasing membership, will provide the guarantee of a prompt local support.

Thanks to the sharp growth and demand of emerging markets consumers buying their first devices and the development of multifunction devices in mature markets, the netbook is a product category that will likely jump-start a large market in the near future. Asianux foresees a huge market demand and many opportunities for netbooks and is ready to serve eco-system partners and end-users alike with an optimized solution and a strong local support.

Larry Geng, the President & CEO of Asianux Corporation, said: “Thanks to the hard work of every Asianux member, we are ready to bring great value to our partners and consumers with a solid Internet and media experience based on our fully optimized Linux OS netbook solution. We believe that netbooks will achieve a big success.”

“The Asianux Mobile Netbook Edition will bring exciting new experiences to users on Intel® Atom™ processor based Netbooks,” said Ram Peddibhotla, open source business director, Intel Corporation. “This really shows the flexibility of Moblin to serve multiple segments with minimal cost and effort.”

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