Asianux' Amazing Achievement on the Mobile Internet Device Market


Asianux Mobile Midinux covers 100% market share of Linux-based OS for MID

Taipei, IDF (October 20, 2008) – In 2008, all the MIDs (Mobile Internet Device) running a Linux-based OS that were launched or about to be launched, shipped an Asianux Mobile Midinux operating system, based on the Moblin project. Asianux is achieving an amazing performance in China with Lenovo Ideapad U8 and Aigo P8860, in Japan with the Sophia PEARTREE platform and in Italy with the BenQ S6, all of which are based on the Intel ™ Atom© processor.

This exceptional performance is due to Asianux superiority in the following four areas. Firstly, Midinux is based on the Moblin platform and takes advantage of Moblin technologies to deliver a 25% longer battery life and a 17% faster boot performance. Secondly, Midinux solution integrates all the applications covering the end-user’s requirements such as a feature-rich Internet browser, a news reader, an instant messenger software, VOIP, a media player, an audio recorder, an image viewer, a camera, an office and e-mail suite and an ebook/PDF reader. Furthermore, to deliver a truly interactive experience to end-users, Midinux supports touch-screens and ships with an easy-to-use User Interface. Finally, Asianux works closely with different partners providing customized solution and reliable local support through increasing members. Midinux delivers a value added turn-key solution for eco-system partners, greatly shortening the time to market. As for consumers, the Midinux/MID combination is leading the way of this new fashion with a completely interactive Internet experience.

Based on the achievements and the experience of Asianux Mobile Midinux 2.0, Asianux will release Asianux Mobile Midinux 3.0 in the near future, providing an even more cost-effective platform, faster boot performance, a friendly UI design, and more integrated applications.

“We are excited over our achievement in MID OS market,” Larry Geng, the President & CEO of Asianux said, “Asianux will continue to invest in the MID market and contribute to Thanks to the efforts of every one in Asianux and with the close cooperation with our partners, I believe Asianux Mobile Midinux 3.0 will bring more brilliant solutions to clients in the coming future.”

“Because Moblin is truly open source, we are seeing a rapid uptake of Moblin technologies such as power management and fast boot in commercial versions from leading vendors like Asianux,” said Imad Sousou, director, Open Source Technology Center, Intel Corporation. “It’s exciting to see the success the Moblin-based Midinux is having in the market segment.”

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