Asianux Moblin based Mobile Netbook Edition extended to Intel® Atom™ processor- powered netbooks


Asianux offers a Linux-based Moblin optimized solution for Intel® Atom™ Processor-based netbooks delivering solid Internet experience.

– June 3, 2008 – Asianux, the leading Linux operating system vendor, announced today that they will extend their Moblin based Asianux Mobile Linux Operation System to support netbooks, a new category of simple, affordable devices for the Internet based on the Intel® Atom™ Processor. Asianux Mobile Netbook Edition will take advantage of Moblin technologies to deliver longer battery life, faster boot performance, better Internet experiences on these devices. With Intel Moblin technology, system can boot 17% faster and battery life can be 25% longer. This is a natural extension of their work on Asianux Mobile Midinux for Intel Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), which also use Moblin Linux Stack.

Based on Asianux Mobile Midinux and integrating Hancom Thinkfree, Asianux Mobile Netbook is ready to provide a fully optimized Linux OS for netbooks with features such as an easy-to-use User Interface, rich Internet and media applications, complete basic applications, great power management, affordable price and good level of customization. Meanwhile, Asianux consortium “4-Co” model (Co-Development, Co-Marketing, Co-Brand, Co-Support), with its increasing membership, will provide the guarantee of local service support.

Thanks to the sharp growth and demand of consumers buying their first devices in emerging markets and incremental multi-devices in mature markets, the netbook is a product category that will jump-start a new gigantic market in the near future. Asianux foresees the huge market demands and opportunities for netbooks and is ready to serve ecosystem partners and end-users with an optimized solution and strong local support.

Mr. Jia Dong, Chairman of the Asianux Corporation, said: “We are excited by this new market opportunity. Our work on Intel-based MIDs using Moblin Software Stack optimized for the low power technologies of Intel® Atom™ Processor, allowed us to extend our products to netbooks quickly to meet the demand in 2008 and the coming future. I believe that netbooks will achieve a big success.”

“We are pleased to see that the Moblin Software Stack will support the Intel Atom Processor-based netbooks.” said Vincent Sung, Assistant Vice President of MSI. “By using Moblin based product from Asianux, we will be able to bring great value to our consumers with standardized and ready-made web-based applications in the future.”

“Netbooks offers a great opportunity to expand basic Internet usage through simple, affordable devices for consumers.” said Doug Fisher, Intel vice president and general manager, System Software Division. “Building upon our relationship with Asianux, we expect to see the Moblin based Asianux solution deliver a solid Internet and media experience on Intel® Atom™ Processor-based netbooks.”

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