Asianux 2.0

Asianux2.0 is co-developed in Beijing by Red Flag Software, MIRACLE LINUX and Hancom. Based on this common platform, local branding products, including "Red Flag DC Server 5.0", "MIRACLE LINUX V4.0" and "Haansoft Linux 2006 Server & Server 64" are released and sold on the Chinese, Japanese and Korean markets. These three products are 100% identical in OS level and provide customers with more local value-added application level features.

Asianux2.0 integrates the latest open source technologies and advantages. 

The main features include:

  • Enhanced & mature 2.6 kernel, which provides exceptional performance and scalability for enterprise computing.
  • Support the latest technology of Intel 32bit Xeon processor, Intel 64bit Xeon processor, AMD Opteron Processor, AMD Athlon Processor, IBM OpenPower.
  • Provide best support for CGL2.0. Asianux 2.0 implements all the priority one features of CGL2.0. Meet the strict requirements of high-end customers like those of telecom.
  • Implement virtualization based on IBM OpenPower.
  • Enhanced LKCD, LKST, Diskdump to improve serviceability.
  • Compatible with LSB3.0 and LI18N
  • Improved support for  mainstream servers and storage and network devices
  • Professional and user-friendly management tools, effectively decreasing the maintenance cost.
  • Security enhancement: ACL, NX, Crypt file system, latest Security Patch, VPN, pre-configured for server environment.
  • First distribution in the world supporting EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) on both IA32 and IA64 platform.

As the base software of IT system, Asianux has gotten full support from many global partners including Adaptec, AMD, BEA, CA, Dell, EMC, Emulex, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, NEC, Oracle, Samsung Electronics, SAP, Stratus Technologies and Symantec just to name a few. The new ISV/IHV program has attracted many partners. Hundreds certification around Asianux2.0 are in progress. By delivering excellent performance, stability, availability and scalability, Asianux2.0 is an idea platform for the key enterprise applications.

Instant and reliable technical support is one of the key factors to push Linux adoption in enterprise market. The value and evolution of service are promoting the healthy development of Linux industry. To accelerate Asianux adoption, Red Flag Software, MIRACLE LINUX and Hancom jointly established the largest Linux technical support network in Asia. It consists of Asia R&D and support center located in Beijing and three local support networks in China, Japan and Korea. Directly from Beijing R&D center, the Asianux team can provide in-depth technical service and instant local support.

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