Asianux Server 3 Service Pack 1 --- RELEASE NOTES


The contents of this file is as follows:

1. Overview of Features
2. Components
3. General Notes
4. Restrictions/Known Bugs
5. Feedback
6. Copyright

1. Overview of Features

Asianux Server 3 ServicePack1 has the following features.

o Reliability and Scalability
- hugetlbpage
- Asynchronous I/O
- Improved I/O processing

o Manageability
- Red Flag Control Panel and Management Tools
- Remote system management tools by OpenDRIM project

o For Edge Server
- Mail: MTA changing system, SMTP Auth, SpamAssassin
- Web DB: php-oracle, php-mysql, php-pgsql
- Samba: Samba3.0 with internationalization function
- Installing only necessary components for business systems

o Language
- Supports Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English,

o For Chinese
- Provide high quality Chinese fonts,
enhanced Chinese input method and enhanced printing in Chinese.

o For Japanese
- SJIS support for migrating from Unix
- User Defined Characters support in Japanese environment

o For Korean
- UTF-8 KR support.

o For Network/Security
- Enhanced Networking: IPV6, NFS over TCP
- Enhanced Security: ACL

o For Oracle
- OraNavi: Oracle Install Navigator
easy installation without any patch or changes
- System parameters tuned for Oracle
- PHP-Oracle connectivity

o Standards
- LSB 3.0 (* to be updated)
- CGL 3.2 (* to be updated)

o Hardware Compatibility
- IA32 architecture:
- x86-64 architecture::

o Security
- RedCastle built-in.

o Software Compatibility
- Hundreds of ISV partners, including mainstream DB,
Middleware, backup, and other enterprise server application.
On-going Certification process.

o Compatibility with other Linux distributions
- Same run-time environment and kernel symbols with RHEL5.1,
binary drivers for RHEL5.1 can be loaded directly.

o CGL enhancement
- IPv6 Ready Logo Patch
- Monitoring Mazed Process
- WDT of grub
- OpenHPI improvement

2. Components
- kernel 2.6.18
- glibc 2.5
- gcc 4.1.2
- xorg 1.1.1
- rpm 4.4.2
- KDE 3.5.5
- openssh 4.3p2
- bind 9.3.3
- dhcp 3.0.5
- openldap 2.3.27
- postfix 2.3.3
- sendmail 8.13.8
- vsftpd 2.0.5
- squid 2.6.STABLE6
- apache 2.2.3
- PHP 5.1.6
- MySQL 5.0.22
- PostgreSQL 8.1.11
- Samba 3.0.25b
- ntp 4.2.2p1
- net-snmp 5.3.1
- iptables 1.3.5
- Perl 5.8.8
- Ruby 1.8.5
- OraNavi 11.3.2

3. General Notes

o SSH service is turned off by default on Asianux Server 3 ServicePack1,
turn it on by chkconfig command if necessary.
# chkconfig sshd on

o `root` cannot login using ssh. To enable it, please follow the
instructions below:
- change the value `PermitRootLogin` in /etc/ssh/sshd_config file to

PermitRootLogin yes

- restart sshd:
# service sshd restart

o To enable the NFS server and NFS client, the portmap service must be stared first.
# service portmap start

o How to change Japanese character encoding.
Create ~/.i18n file and set any of following values:

LANG=ja_JP.eucJP # for euc-jp environment
LANG=ja_JP.SJIS # for Shift JIS environment
LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 # for UTF-8 environment

o To receive email to the root account, modify root`s alias in

o To change the default MTA to sendmail:
- Stop the postfix service.
# service postfix stop

- Use the `alternatives` command to choose the default MTA.
# alternatives --config mta

- Run the sendmail service.
# service sendmail start

o To enable enhanced CGL features in kernel
- KAHO(Live Patch)
# modprove kaho_mod

- MAZE Monitoring
# modprove maze

4. Restrictions/Known Bugs
- IDE driver has a problem with ICH9.
If Asianux Server 3 ServicePack1 cannot detect SATA HDD, CD-ROM device
properly when its installation. Change a mode of controller to `RAID`
in BIOS in such case.

- Timezone will be reset to a locale which corresponds with the system
locale when the system updated from Asianux Server 3 to Asianux Server 3

- Unable to start SANsurfer FC HBA Manager (x86-64).
portmap service has to be started before starting SANsufer.

- Alphabets cannot be shown properly in Flash contents on FireFox.

- On a system which has devices sharing IRQ, there is some posibility that
kdump reports the following error:
irq 169: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)

5. Feedback
We are always trying to improve Asianux, and we would like to know what you think in using it.
If you have any comments or suggestions about Asianux,
please send them to the following e-mail address.

6. Copyright
Copyright 2004-2008 MIRACLE LINUX CORPORATION and
Red Flag Software Co., Ltd.
Hancom Inc,
All rights reserved.

Copyright© 2007-2019 Asianux. All rights reserved.