Asianux Server 3 (Quartet) - RELEASE NOTES


0. Contents
The contents of this file is as follows:

1. Overview of Features
2. Components
3. EFI boot manager (IA64)
4. General Notes
5. Restrictions/Known Bugs
6. Feedback
7. Copyright

1. Overview of Features

Asianux Server 3 has the following features.

o Reliability and Scalability
- kexec/kdump.
- Process event connector.
- memory hotplug

o inotify
- File creation/modification/deltion event trigger.

o Driver improvements
- ICH9 controllers support are included
- SATA update to 2.6.22-rc3
- e1000e is added to support PCI Express base cards,
and old e1000 supports legacy cards
- igb driver is included to support 82575 chips

o Other Kernel Improvements
- Add support for shared page table for hugetlb pages

o Manageability
- Red Flag Control Panel and Management Tools
- Remote system management tools by OpenDRIM project

o For Edge Server
- Mail: MTA changing system, SMTP Auth, SpamAssassin
- Web DB: php-oracle, php-mysql, php-pgsql
- Samba: Samba3.0 with i18n and Windows Vista client support

o Language
- Supports Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English,

o For Chinese
- Provide high quality Chinese fonts,
enhanced Chinese input method and enhanced printing in Chinese.

o For Japanese
- Provide high quality Japanese fonts
- Support UTF-8 environment

o For Korean
- UTF-8 KR support.

o For Network/Security
- Enhanced Networking: NFS over TCP
- Enhanced Security: ACL
- RedCastle built-in.

o For Oracle
- OraNavi: Oracle Install Navigator
easy installation without any patch or changes
- System parameters tuned for Oracle
- PHP-Oracle connectivity

o Standards
- LSB 3.0
- CGL 3.2

o Hardware Compatibility
- IA32 architecture:
Pentium4 or higher
512MB memory or more
- x86-64 architecture:
64bit Xeon/AMD64 or higher
512MB memory or more
- IA64 architecture:
Itanium2 1.6Ghz or higher
1GB memory or more
- PowerPC architecture:
POWER4 1.2GHz or higher
1GB memoery or more

o Maitenance
- Asianux unified updater inside.
It works with Technology Service Network(TSN).

o Software Compatibility
- Hundreds of ISV partners, including mainstream DB,
Middleware, backup, and other enterprise server application.
On-going Certification process.

o Compatibility with other Linux distributions
- Same run-time environment and RHEL5 kernel symbols except for
SATA sub-system, binary drivers for RHEL5 can be used directly.

2. Components
- kernel 2.6.18
- glibc 2.5
- gcc 4.1.1
- xorg 1.1.1
- rpm 4.4.2
- KDE 3.5.5
- openssh 4.3p2
- bind 9.3.3
- dhcp 3.0.5
- openldap 2.3.27
- postfix 2.3.3
- sendmail 8.13.8
- vsftpd 2.0.5
- squid 2.6.STABLE6
- apache 2.2.3
- PHP 5.1.6
- MySQL 5.0.22
- PostgreSQL 8.1.9
- Samba 3.0.24
- ntp 4.2.2p1
- net-snmp 5.3.1
- iptables 1.3.5
- Perl 5.8.8
- Ruby 1.8.5
- OraNavi 10.3

3. EFI boot manager (IA64)

Under initial setting of an Itanium system, once you boot the system,
the EFI boot manager will come up.

EFI Boot Manager ver 1.02[12.38]

Please select a boot option

EFI Shell [Built-in]
Boot option maintenance menu

Use �* and �+ to change option(s). Use Enter to select an option

Use cursor key and select "EFI Shell [Built-in]", and press enter key.
Then EFI shell will be invoked and the device map will be displayed.

Loading : EFI Shell [Build-in]
EFI Shell version 1.02 [12.38]
Device mapping table
fs0 :Acpi(PNP0A03,1)/Pci(3|0)/Scsi(Pun0,Lun0)/HD(Part1,Sig743D0800)
fs1 :VenHw(Unknown Device:9F)/CDROM(Entry1)
blk0 :VenHw(Unknown Device:00)
blk1 :Acpi(PNP0A03,1)/Pio(3|0)/Scsi(Pun0,Lun0)
Shell> _

Generally, since the CD-ROM drive is set to "fs1", and the LS-120 drive is set to
"fs0", please type "fs1" and press the return key to boot from the CD-ROM device.

- To display "Device mapping table", type "map" on shell prompt and
press the return key.

- Utilities are available in an EFI shell. The details about EFI are available by referring to:

- The EFI device mapping table is available by referring to:

4. General Notes

o SSH service is turned off by default on Asianux Server 3, turn it on
by chkconfig command if necessary.
# chkconfig sshd on

o `root` cannot login using ssh. To enable it, please follow the
instructions below:
- change the value `PermitRootLogin` in /etc/ssh/sshd_config file to

PermitRootLogin yes

- restart sshd:
# service sshd restart

o To enable the NFS server and NFS client, the portmap service must be stared first.
# service portmap start

o To change the default MTA to sendmail:
- Stop the postfix service.
# service postfix stop

- Use the `alternatives` command to choose the default MTA.
# alternatives --config mta

- Run the sendmail service.
# service sendmail start

o PCI Express function is implemented in e1000e driver.

5. Restrictions/Known Bugs

- a320raid driver in /images/Adaptec on CD media cannot be loaded.

- Switching terminal function by Alt+Ctl+F* doesn`t work properly
on the following H/W when the installation:

ATI Technologies Inc ES1000

- On IA-64 architecture, possible installer crash when LVM volume gourps has
been modified on TUI installer.

- In order to make Geronimo or Resin work propery, IBM java must be
downloaded/installed by hand.

- On x86-64 platform, Xen doesn`t support full-virtualization well.
To avoid this, follow the steps bellow:
# chkconfig xend on
# chkconfig xendomains on
# service xend start
# service xendomains start

- Telnet doesn`t work properly without DNS setting.
Telnet service doesn`t work properly with no DNS setting in
To resolve this problem, a configuration file /etc/xinetd.d/telnet must
be modified by the following:

service telnet
disable = no
flags = REUSE
socket_type = stream
wait = no
user = root
server = /usr/sbin/in.telnetd
server_args = -c
log_on_failure += USERID

telnet-0.17-38.1AX addresses this problem.

- acroread doesn`t work properly.
To solve this problem, line 590 in /usr/bin/acroread must be modified:

# echo $mfile| sed `s/libgtk-x11-([0-9]*)[0-9])00.([0-9]*)|(.*)//g`
echo $mfile| sed

And around line 930, add the following line:

export GTK_IM_MODULE=xim

- megaraid_sas driver reports an error.
When the following error has recorded with MegaRAID 8300XLP disk controller
in system booting phase:

sda: test WP failed, assume Write Enabled

Update the machine firmware to 1.03.60-0255 or higher.

- `kcmshell printer` cannot display any printer which is named by multi-
bytes charactor.

- On x86-64 platform, the following packages must be installed before
Oracle iAS 10g R3/x86 installation.


- Ctl+Alt+BS or Ctl+Alt+Del doesn`t work properly on the following H/W

Host bridge: Hitachi, Ltd ColdFusion 3e Chipset Processor to I/O
VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc ES1000.

- On MAGNIA LiTE40S system, X window doesn`t work properly.

- On POWER4 system, kdump doesn`t work properly.

6. Feedback
We are always trying to improve Asianux, and we would like to know what you think in using it.
If you have any comments or suggestions about Asianux,
please send them to the following e-mail address.

7. Copyright
Copyright 2004-2007 MIRACLE LINUX CORPORATION and
Red Flag Software Co., Ltd.
Hancom Inc,
All rights reserved.

Copyright© 2007-2019 Asianux. All rights reserved.