Asianux goes Asian-wide


Beijing, China (5 September 2007) - The Asianux Consortium, founded by Red Flag from China, Hancom from Korea and Miracle Linux from Japan, has annnounced today that Vietsoftware from Vietnam will join them as the 4th member.

This happens after the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) joined Asianux Advisory Board on 27th July 2007. VietSoftware is one of the leading software companies in Vietnam with an excellent reputation in software product development, service quality and innovative approach to client problems; their management consists in an elite team with international education and work experience. The Linux market CAGR for the next 5 years in Vietnam is approximately 20%. With Vietsoftware and MOST joining them, Asianux now covers 25% of the worldwide population. Asianux is expanding successfully through recruiting new members and strenghtening its presence on the Linux enterprise OS Asian market.

VietSoftware will release Asianux Server 3 nationwide at the end of September, thus starting their Linux OS business through Asianux, in addition to their own open source software business. VietSoftware has already secured a variety of open source technologies and delivered many solutions based on open source software.

Thanks to the unique ‘4-CO’ business model of Asianux - co-development, co-brand, co-support and co-marketing – the Asianux Consortium differentiates itself from other Linux vendors such as Red Hat and Novell. Asianux is contributing to establishing an Asian standard Linux platform that combines Asian wisdom and the advantages of integrated local resources. According to IDC, Asianux has developed into the 3rd largest Linux vendor from 2006. Since most Asian countries have strong intention to promote their local software industry and the OSS technology, Asianux business model has received applause from Asian countries. The Asianux Consortium expects that more companies from other countries will rush to Asianux after the joining of VietSoftware. Already they have received several inquiries from a few countries and they are negotiating with one candidate. Asianux expects at least one more country to join this year.

Dong Jia, President of Red Flag Software states: “The joining of Vietsoft is a great milestone for the Asianux consortium. The quick expansion of Asianux in Asia has demonstrated the outstanding advantage of our unique 4-Co business model. Next year the Asianux consortium will recruit at least two more countries and then cover more than 6 Asian country markets. And we believe Vietsoft, as the leading open source company in Vietnam, will make a great contribution to Vietnam IT infrastructure construction as well as the Asianux consortium. "

Takeshi Sato President of Miracle Linux in Japan said that "Miracle Linux welcomes VietSoftware, which commits the promotion of open sourse software, to Asianux Consortium. VietSoftware is one of the OSS leading companies in the Vietnamese software industry, and we expect them to be an important member to promote Asianux on the Asian market. Miracle Linux continues to work on Asianux business proactively in order to establish a stable position not only in the Japanese but also in the Asian market."

J.J. Baek President & CEO of Hancom in Korea said that “Vietnam is one of the best emerging country and they know the importance of open source software to build national IT infrastructure. After Asianux appeared in Vietnam, we received many meaningful and important references based on Linux. I hope that we will also take such kind of successful cases through Asianux.”

Dr. Tran Luong Son, Chairman and CEO of VietSoftware said: "Joining as the 4th member of the Asianux Consortium, VietSoftware is proud to be recognized in the country and by the international community as a player in this growing technology trend. The Asianux Consortium represents a great partnership model and we thank our foregoers-partners, Red Flag, Miracle Linux and Hancom, for the tremendous ground work they have done to date and their continuous support. We are committed to expanding Asianux in Vietnam as well as contributing to the further development of the Consortium.

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