Asianux Consortium and Vietnam MOST cooperate to promote Open Source Software


Today, the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam and the Asianux consortium -founded by China Red Flag, Korea HAANSOFT, and Japan Miracle Linux- signed MOU to promote Linux and Open Source Software in Vietnam.

With MOST support, a company will join the Asianux consortium as the 4th member. Asianux is currently expanding quickly on the Asian Linux market.
Beijing, China (July 27th, 2007)- The Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam (MOST) and the Asianux consortium-founded by China Red Flag, Korea HAANSOFT, and Japan Miracle Linux-, announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for expressing the strong intention of both Parties to collaborate on promoting Linux Solution in Vietnam.

Under the terms of the MOU, the scope of the collaboration includes that MOST join Asianux Advisory Board and its activities, and help to bring in a company (VN) to be Asianux 4th member. The Asianux consortium and MOST will develop OSS technology and promote Linux deployment in Ho Chi Minh. To reach this target, MOST and the Asianux consortium will jointly establish an Asianux Technology Center. This center will provide technical training & support, latest technology demo, ISV migration service, etc.
Due to the unique ‘4-CO’ business model of Asianux - co-development, co-brand, co-support and co-marketing - the Asianux consortium differentiates itself from other Linux vendors such as Red Hat and Novell. Since most Asian countries have strong intensions to promote the local software industry and OSS technologies, Asianux business model gets applause from many Asian countries. Under the terms of the MOU, a company will join Asianux consortium before the release of Asianux Server 3, the new major version of their Linux Server OS. The Asianux consortium reveals that they will continue recruiting more members from other countries, and according to their plan, they are going to invite at least two more members this year. Through recruiting new members, Asianux is expanding successfully and strenghtening its position on the Asian Linux enterprise OS market.

NguyenTrung Quynh, Director of Project Management Board on Vietnam OSS under the Ministry of Science and Technology said: “The cooperation between MOST, and Asianux consortium would help MOST very much to accelerate the employment and development of OSS in Vietnam. We are very happy to become a member of the Asianux consortium and hope that the consortium will be enlarged and play a significant role for the OSS movement in Asia.”

Dong Jia, President of Red Flag Softwarein China states: “The cooperation between Vietnam MOST and the Asianux consortium is a big milestone for both sides. We believe such a cooperation will help deliver the OSS advantage to the Vietnamese industry and promote the OSS development in Vietnam. Asianux has proven its unique value and we welcome more countries to join the Asianux consortium and jointly make a great Asian Linux platform."

Takeshi Sato President of Miracle Linux in Japan said that “We are delighted to welcome MOST as our strategic partner. Their participation will be a boost not only for Asianux but for the OSS movement in Asia as a whole.”

J.J. Baek President & CEO of Hancom in Korea said that “We will try to continue to make a new IT paradigm in Asia and the Asianux consortium and Vietnam MOST will realize it.”

Linux and OSS in Vietnam
Vietnam government has a very positive policy to promote OSS. Vietnam Prime Minister announced his master plan: Applying and Developing Open Source Software in Vietnam for the 2004-2008 period in 2004. The MOST is responsible for coordinating with ministries, government agencies, provincial people’s committees and central cities to organize the project implementation.

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