Redgate joins Asianux co-development plan to produce a secure version of Asianux Server Linux.


Redgate joins Asianux co-development plan to produce a secure version of Asianux Server Linux.

Building on two years of success working together, Red Flag Software Co., Ltd. (Beijing China, Executive President: Chris Zhao. “Red Flag”), Miracle Linux Corporation (Tokyo Japan, President: Takeshi Sato. “Miracle Linux”) and Hancom, Inc. (Seoul Korea, President & CEO: Jong-Jin Baek. “Hancom”) announced today they will sign a Secured Asianux Joint Development Agreement with a new strategic alliance partner, Redgate Co., Ltd. (Seoul Korea, CEO : Ki-Hyun Kim. “Redgate”). Future releases of Asianux will contain Secure OS kernel modules, developed by Redgate, that include powerful RBAC (Role Based Access Control) technology with system malfunction & abnormality monitoring functions.

The Asianux consortium had been looking for a strategic alliance partner that can co-develop innovative security kernel modules with them for Asianux since the beginning of this year. To select the most qualified strategic alliance, various security technologies of the candidates' Secure OS products, along with their potential capabilities, were evaluated for the last six months. Redgate was chosen as the new strategic alliance partner to co-develop security kernel modules for Asianux. Redgate is a leading Secure OS product provider in Korea and has earned a remarkable industry reputation for its innovative Secure OS technology development, early responses for the market requirements and aggressive marketing performances.

Co-development on a secure version of Asianux will start beginning Jan 15th, with the resulting product to be released as a commercial version in July. It will have various security features including flexible RBAC (Role Based Access Control) technologies, easily applicable security policy propagation and an intuitive GUI management tool. These newly embedded security features in Asianux will increase market awareness of Asianux in the Asia-Pacific Linux market, and also give Asianux a chance to be more competitive over Red Hat Linux and Novell/SUSE Linux in the global market. The next major release of Asianux will enter into Common Criteria evaluation at Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (EAL4). This will guarantee the reliability and integrity of Asianux and differentiate it from the other open source software in the market.

RedCastle, the Security OS of Redgate received EAL3 international Common Criteria Certification based on Asianux2.0 from the Korean National Security Agency.
Chris Zhao, the executive president of Red Flag software, said:
"Security is one of the most important features for Asianux. As the front security technology vendor in Asia, Redgate joining Asianux development will surely enhance the security expertise of Asianux. We believe the cooperation will create cutting-edge security technology in Asianux and provide customers with high level secure Linux platform. "

Takeshi Sato, President of Miracle Linux said,
"As Linux has been used with database system and mission-critical systems, it is essential to reinforce security for these systems, and the security solutions are required. We are now convinced that this co-development with Redgate improves the security level of Asianux."

Daniel Cho, General Director of Hancom said that
This co-development is really meaningful for, not only Asianux, but also China, Japan, and Korean Market. It will makes more creditable Linux distribution and more dynamic promotion of the Linux market in the region.

About Asianux
Asianux Co-development started in December 2003. Asianux2.0 is their latest version. China Red Flag, Japan Miracle Linux and Korea Hancom develop and sell identical product with Asianux brand in China, Japan and Korea market. Asianux is a completely new software business project from Asia, based on the concepts of "Common", "Collaboration" and "Contribution". Asianux brings together the know-how and development staff from leading enterprises from all over Asia. They are working together to establish an Asian standard Linux platform that fulfills the requirements of the Asian market and requires no modifications whatsoever, wherever it is shipped.

About Red Flag Software Co., Ltd.
Since its founding in June 2000, Red Flag Software has been rapidly and firmly growing to become the largest Linux company in Asia with more than 150 employees. Under their headquarters located in Beijing, there are two subsidiaries in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and well-established sales channels and service networks are deployed nationwide. The product line includes high-end Linux server OSs, cluster systems, desktop OSs, embedded systems, technical support services and trainings. Red Flag Linux has been adopted by many various industries : governmental, educational or financial organisations but also in telecommunications, media, insurance, transport, logistics, or China Post for example.

About Miracle Linux Corporation.
Open for business since June 1, 2000, as a dedicated provider of Linux server OS-related products and services, Miracle Linux carries out a variety of projects, focusing on the development and sale of the Linux server operating system. MIRACLE LINUX is driving Asianux project with China's Red Flag Software and Korea's Hancom for the development an a common Asian Linux standard. As a Linux server related products and services provider, MIRACLE LINUX will widely deploy businesses such as development and sales of the enterprise Linux server OS "MIRACLE LINUX - Asianux Inside" which possesses superior quality, reliability, stability, scalability and security, as well as delivering support services such as Linux related consulting, education and maintenance.

About Hancom Inc.
Recognized as a national icon in Korea, Hancom is the leading software vendor in Korea represented by its overwhelming success in the word processor market. Since its inception in 1990, over 10 million copies of its Hangul word processor has been sold. Moreover, with the development of Hancom Office in 2004, it has been nibbling at Microsoft’s dominance in the local Office Suite market.
For overseas markets, Hancom has released ThinkFree Office a Web based Office Suite. It consists of three programs: the word processor Write, the presentation program Show, and the spreadsheet application Calc. Unlike other office software that is operated only on Windows, ThinkFree Office also operates on Linux and Macintosh. It is compatible with Microsoft Office files (doc, ppt, xls) and offers a similar operating environment. Microsoft Office files can be easily opened without the Microsoft Office program. The program also supports 15 languages including English, Chinese, and Japanese. ThinkFree Office is simply the best Microsoft Office alternative, providing users with not only freedom of choice at a low cost, but it is also via a the Web interface.
On the Linux front, Hancom has developed a variety of Linux solutions, such as Hancom Linux OS, Hangul word processor for Linux, ThinkFree Office for Linux, and Workdesk as a groupware. As a leading Linux company in Korea, Hancom has joined the Asianux project to promote a common platform with Red Flag of China and Miracle Linux of Japan.

About Redgate Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2002, Redgate is an industry leader in the server security (Secure OS) market in Korea. Redgate products and services offer an optimized solution that enables government and commercial organizations to securely utilize information while protecting vital information assets residing in their servers. Redgate has earned remarkable market reputations for being an innovative system security solution provider. Its flagship product, RedCastle has achieved Common Criteria certificates, at Evaluation Assurance Level 3 (EAL3+), for most of the major commercial Operating Systems in the market. RedCastle has been used by more than 500 clients since it was released in the market, and has been selected for large scaled public projects, such as the NEIS (National Education Information System, 3,704 Licenses for 16 Cities & Provinces Education Administration Units) Project and the ‘Korean Local Government Public Office Common Infra System Deployment Project’ (936 Licenses for 234 public offices in cities, counties and districts) to protect their mission critical information residing in servers.

Press Release
10th Jan. 2007
Red Flag Software Co., Ltd.
Miracle Linux Corporation
Hancom, Inc
Redgate Co., Ltd.

Asianux announces its new co-development plan with the new strategic alliance partner, Redgate Co., Ltd., to produce a secure version of Asianux Server Linux.

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