Promise Technology Expands OS Support With Asianux


LINUXWORLD, SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 15 /PR Newswire/ - Promise Technology, Inc., announced today that its high performance SuperTrak EX Series SATA RAID controllers now have embedded open source driver support for Asianux2.0 (equivalent to MIRACLE LINUX V4.0, Red Flag DC Server 5.0 and Hancom Asianux 2.0 Server). The expanded Asianux support is a result of close engineering cooperation between Promise Technology and Asianux. After rigorous testing, Linux users can have full confidence using Promise SuperTrak EX series RAID controllers with Asianux. This is the latest in a series of advancement from Promise as part of our commitment to the Open Source Initiative (OSI).

As the Linux OS continues to gain popularity in the server market, users can now look to Promise for a complete high-performance Linux storage solution. By supporting Asianux, APAC region users of the Promise SuperTrak EX series controllers can now work with a common and comprehensive OS platform.

"With Promise Technology's leadership in Serial ATA and the rapid adoption of SATA for server storage, these high performance PCIe and PCI-X SATA controllers will enable system vendors and IT managers to build powerful, highly robust, cost-sensitive Asianux, including Miracle Linux, solutions for servers," said Takeshi Sato, President of Miracle Linux and a representative of Asianux. "We are pleased to work with Promise for this very desirable storage connectivity solution and contribute to the global advancement of the Asianux platform including Miracle Linux."


"One of the largest supplier of Linux solutions in the APAC region, Asianux has achieved widespread acceptance as a market leader and is being adopted by many enterprise systems," said Sam Sirisena, Senior VP of Sales / Marketing & General Manager Advanced Storage Group at Promise Technology. "By integrating our driver into the Asianux OS environment, we continue our commitment to promoting widespread availability of cost-effective storage for the leading Linux OS solutions in the server market."

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