Asianux Server 7

Asianux Server 7, co-developed by MIRACLE LINUX CORPORATION (Japan) and Hancom, Inc(Korea), provides enhanced compatibility, security and easy-to-use features along with high reliability. It meets the increasing requirements of Linux OS in enterprise applications and provides a compelling choice of open IT platform for users. The release of Asianux Server 7 shows that Asianux members keep their promise and contribute to delivering new technologies and service to users, partners and the open source world.

Thanks to the unique '4 Co' business model, which stands for Co-Development, Co-Brand, Co-Marketing and Co-Support, Asianux will bring more value to enterprise users.

Asianux Server 7 integrates the advanced Linux technologies to deliver more value to enterprise users in terms of high capability, stability, usability and expansibility.

The main features include:

  • Support of various hardware platforms including X86-64.
  • Support of the latest technology of Intel 64 bit processor and chipset.
  • Full implementation of the hundreds of major features of CGL5.0, making Asianux Server 7 an ideal platform for Carrier applications.
  • Support of UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface).
  • As a solid base of enterprise information system, Asianux Server 7 will be certified by main software and hardware vendors such as EMC, VMWare, Oracle and so on.

Real-time and trusted local technical support are the guarantees of Linux deployment in enterprise. The Asianux consortium, which combines the best local Linux vendors support network, delivers an unparalleled support value to Asian customers. Furthermore, Asianux Server 7 employs the unique support website ¨Asianux TSN¨ to rapidly and conveniently provide online-upgrades and system management service to Asian customers.

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