How to start WebLogic after installation?


Question: How to start WebLogic after installation (you can open the page http://:7001/console to check it is working)?

Answer: Follow the procedure below; run the commands as user bea.

  1. At the command prompt:
  2. $ cd ~/bea/wlserver_xx/server/bin

    Then run the scripts and

    $ sh

    $ sh

    Note: if the server does not start, you can try the following method:

    WLS_USER=admin WLS_PW=12345678 ./

    During the installation, choose “y” to set to the default configuration.

  3. Exit from, if you can not exit it using Ctrl+C, then press Ctrl+Z, then run command
  4. kill -9 %1

  5. Start WebLogic by running script
  6. $ ./

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