How to start VMwareToolbox automatically?


VMwareToolbox is a userspace graphical tool used inside a virtual machine`s (VM) GUI by VMware Server, VMware Workstation, and other VMware products to enhance the abilities of the VM to interact with the host OS.

For instance, some GUIs cannot properly grab/ungrab the mouse as it passes over the edge of the VM`s window. With this tool running, the ability is enhanced, and it makes this action possible.

1) Create a file named VMwareToolbox.desktop.

2) Add the following into the file:

[Desktop Entry]


Exec=/usr/lib/vmware-tools/bin32/vmware-toolbox --minimize






3a) To have it start for all users, copy the new VMwareToolbox.desktop into the /usr/share/autostart/ directory.

3b) To have it start on a per user basis, copy VMwareToolbox.desktop into the $HOME/.kde/Autostart/ directory.

4) Test by logging out, and logging back in.

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