Linux Systems Administrator


The Asianux Corporation now has available a full-time regular position for the role of Linux Systems Administrator.


* Reads/writes/understand/speaks English at a moderate or better level.

Desired Skills:

* Understand Linux command line environment.

* Really good with bash scripting/awk/sed/vi

* Familiar with init scripts & startup/shutdown process of AX/RHEL

* Familiar with LVM & RAID

* Familiar with PC Server hardware (PCI-X/64bit tech/PowerPC/etc)

* Familiar with NIS/NFS, Samba, Postfix, Spamassassin, rsync, openvpn, Apache, MySQL, perl(or python) & LDAP

* Familiar with iptable firewalls.

* Familiar with VMware Server.

* Understand concepts of high-availability systems & shared storage.


o monitor performance

o capacity planning

o general admin (disk space allocation, user control, etc)

o backup management

o machine & OS setup + implementing secure minimal OS environments + setting up virtual environment for production and testing

o implementing new services

o managing security certificates/keys

Bonus Skills!

* Familiar with PC based IP-telephony, Asterisk, etc.

* Familiar with FirewallBuilder application.

* Understand/speaks Mandarin at a basic level.

Other requirements:

* Travel between Beijing and Wuxi as required.

* Be available for work that may extend into late hours or extra weekend work.

Working hours:

* 9:00am - 6:00pm, Monday-Friday, incl 1hr lunch break @ noon


* Negotiable based on skills, qualification or experience

Interviews are currently being held at our FuHaiDaSha office in Xizhimen. FuHaiDaSha is on DaLiuShi Lu. It is about half way in between the Xizhimen subway station and the Dazhongsi subway station on the #13 subway line, and is across from the Beijing Transportation University.

Contact: Keith @ +86-134-2629-7539 or keith.hopkins(a)

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