About Asianux

Started in December 2003, the Asianux project is a unique software business project which is based on the concepts of a ‘4-CO’ business model: co-development, co-brand, co-support and co-marketing. The Asianux Consortium aims to co-develop a unified Linux platform. Its members so far are Red Flag Co., Ltd. (China), Miracle Linux Corporation (Japan), HANCOM Inc. (Korea), VietSoftware Inc. (Vietnam) and Enterprise Technology (Pvt) Ltd (Sri Lanka). After 6 years striving in the Linux industry, Asianux has consolidated its position and is now the third biggest vendor in the world and the first in Asia.

In December 2007, the Asianux Corporation was established by the 3 members of the Asianux Consortium: Red Flag, Miracle and HANCOM. Integrating the financial, managing, technological and human resources of its 3 companies, the Asianux Corporation develops, markets, and distributes a Linux Operating System, covering server and mobile devices on the Asian OSS market.

Asianux latest products are Asianux Server 3 for server platforms and Asianux Mobile Midinux@ 2.0 for MID platforms.

Asianux brings together the best development staff and know-how from leading enterprises from all over Asia to establish a Linux standard for the Asian market.

About Members

Red Flag Software Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in June 2000, Red Flag Software has been rapidly and firmly growing to become the largest Linux company in Asia with more than 150 employees. Under their headquarters located in Beijing, there are two subsidiaries in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and well-established sales channels and service networks are deployed nationwide. The product line includes high-end Linux server OSs, cluster systems, desktop OSs, embedded systems, technical support services and trainings. Red Flag Linux has been adopted by many various  industries : governmental, educational or financial organisations but also in telecommunications, media, insurance, transport, logistics, or China Post for example.

Miracle Linux Corporation.

Miracle Linux Co. is a dedicated Linux distributor for the server Operating System (OS) market in Japan, and since its foundation in June 2000 it has played an important role in promoting Linux for Japanese enterprise users. Through its product, also named MIRACLE LINUX, it has empowered Linux not only as a cost-effective OS but also as an enabler to drive business forward. Adopting “Customer First” as its slogan, Miracle Linux offers a rich variety of support and service, from system consultation to end-user support, in order to satisfy even the most demanding requirements from its customers. In particular, its specialty in kernel hacking and localization is highly regarded among the industry. Furthermore, Miracle Linux is an enthusiastic admirer of Open Source Software (OSS) and it has been actively participating in numerous OSS projects run by the Japan Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) and other OSS communities.

Hancom Inc.

Recognized as a national icon in Korea, Hancom is the leading software vendor in Korea represented by its overwhelming success in the word processor market. Since its inception in 1990, over 10 million copies of Hangul word processor has been sold. Moreover, with the development of Hancom Office in 2004, it has been nibbling at Microsoft's dominance in the local Office Suite market. 

Hancom is the first listed company on KOSDAQ

On the Linux front, Hancom has developed a variety of Linux solutions, such as Asianux, Office suites for Linux (Hancom office for domestic market and Thinkfree Office for worldwide market), and Workdesk as a groupware. As a leading Linux company in Korea, Hancom has 90% market share in public sector. Currently Hancom will try to expand the business items with variety open source software


VietSoftware Inc.

VietSoftware, Inc. was established in March 2000 as a software company specializing in international outsourcing for foreign companies and software development for the Vietnam market. Since 2004, the company has been structured as a group of IT companies totalling more than 250 employees and operating in the most dynamic fields of information technology; VietSoftware specializes in software development and services, VietSoftware International in software outsourcing, BPO Alliant in software and IT training, Viettech in CAD/CAM/CAE, CyberVietnam in Internet business and e-commerce, and MobizCom in online payment technology. The company group has been recently re-structured to become an IT company group under the name of VSI Corporation. VietSoftware is a member of VSI Corporation.

Enterprise Technology (Pvt) Ltd (ETPL)

Enterprise Technology (Pvt) Ltd (ETPL) is a leading System Integrator and Information and Communication Technology Solution Provider in Sri Lanka promoting Asianux as a Server Operating System in Sri Lanka. Since its foundation in 1996, ETPL has played an important role in promoting Linux based solutions for Sri Lankan Corporate customers. ETPL clientele includes some of the Largest Government and Private Sector Corporate in Sri Lanka such as Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Sri Lanka Telecom, Ministry of Education, University of Colombo, University of Jaffna, Dialog Telekom, Etisalat and many others. ETPL also partners with many ICT products such as HP, EMC, Cisco Systems and build solutions of Next Generation Networks, DataCenters, Contact Centers and Business Process Systems. ETPL is a fully owned subsidiary of Olancom (Pvt) Limited. Olancom, an ERI member company, is the largest ecommerce operator in Sri Lanka having transacted nearly Rs 10 billion in online sales globally over the past few years.


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