AXCC Introduction

The incompatibility with a Linux operating system is one of the biggest obstacle preventing the creation of a successful solution. Asianux Compatible and Certified (AXCC) is a program that certifies the compatibility between Asianux Operating Systems and hardware and software.

- AXCC stands for Asianux Compatible and Certified.
- An AXCC product means the product is compatible with Asianux OS and supported by Asianux.
- AXCC products include hardware or software from Independent Hardware or Software Vendors (IHVs or ISVs).

2. Benefits to Asianux and AXCC partner's customer
- A high compatibility without extra fees.
- Solutions are developed more easily and efficiently.
- Very low risk of compatibility problems.
- Co-support from Asianux and vendors.

3. Benefits to IHVs or ISVs' product
- Compatibility problems can be fixed during Asianux' development period.
- Listed as AXCC products on Asianux website
- Compatibility with all Asianux Founding Members' products, based on Asianux.
- Recommended by all Asianux Founding Members to their customers.
- Asianux Founding Members help their customers to work around some compatibility issues.

4. Benefits to IHVs or ISVs
- Better compatibility with no extra cost, Asianux experts help them improve their products.
- Easy penetration on Asianux market.
- Access to Asianux bugzilla and TSN.
- Updated products drivers published among Asianux customers.
- Lower Linux support-cost with the help of Asianux experts.
- Vendor's success stories published on Asianux website.

AXCC program is provided by Asianux Consortium. Any ISV or IHV can join. If you have any questions, please contact

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