Welcome to Asianux TSN

Asianux TSN(Technical Support Network) is an Asianux Partner Support website. Patches, drivers and system kernels which optimize the performance of Asianux are released on this website. It keeps you well-informed on what is going on about Asianux!

All ISV and IHV are encouraged to become members of Asianux TSN and get support for developing, testing and migrating.

We also periodically publish information about system compatibility, performance and security.

End Users: Please send email to support@asianux.com for any question or suggestion. Asianux Support Team would solve your questions and contact with you for your creative ideas very soon.

Asianux TSN Website contains resources including
FAQ : Answers for Frequently Asked Questions covering installation, management and development. Some fantastic skills can also be found here.
Drivers : New hardware drivers can be downloaded here to enhance compatibility and performance.
Patches : Patches are released here periodically in order to repair bugs in Asianux, optimize performance and make Asianux an ease-of-use platform.