We are preparing to make the OpenAsianux Projects.

Since Asianux project started, we have been finding a way to contribute to the Open Source Community and developing many applications under GPL lisence.

We also want to make every possible efforts to support the community through OpenAsianux. We hope that everyone will be able to share our technology and enjoy participating in the OpenAsianux.

What is OpenAsianux?

1. One project in many open source projects, linux users can easily learn knowledge about the open source software and enjoy with participating in the OpenAsianux.

2. Any Asian user interested in linux can not easily participate in the open source project because of many problems such as language barriers, etc . The OpenAsianux try to removes as many barriers without linux knowledge.

3. Ideas, suggestions and bug reports from users rapidly gained acceptance in the OpenAsianux project. New technology of open source is rapidly provided to users.

OpenLime (Linux Instrumentation and Management Environment)

OpenLIME is the first project of the OpenAsianux. It is the remote server management environment to be able to monitor system conditions and control applications and network services on based on CIM/WBEM.